Artopia is a charity art fundraising event that benefits Big Bend Cares. Local and regional artists donate their artwork for this event, which includes a few signed and numbered limited editions. With art and media including painting, sculpture, photography, arts and crafts, and more, Artopia has become a must-attend event, drawing approximately 750 participants per year. Artopia features both silent auctions, and a rousing live auction at the end of the evening. But you don’t need to be an art critic to enjoy this lively event! As a matter of fact, there’s just about something for everyone—beautiful art at a reasonable price—in just about every form you can think of! Last year Artopia featured more than 300 pieces of original artwork, including oils, pastels, acrylics, photography, scenography, sculpture, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, woodwork, mixed-media and much, much more. In addition to all of the artwork, local businesses and individuals donate gift certificates or other goodies that you can bid on.

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Artist Info

Art Donations
Big Bend Cares will be accepting artwork on March 25, 2019. To ensure eligibility for cash prizes and inclusion in the Artopia catalog, your artwork and information must be submitted to Big Bend Cares by June 7, 2019. You can donate up to three pieces of artwork and will receive a complementary ticket to Artopia for each piece. To submit your artwork, please complete our online submission form. You can also download and print a PDF form, if you prefer. Deliver or mail artwork to Big Bend Cares at 2201 S. Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32201.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I receive any money for the sale of my art?
A: Because this is a fundraising event for Big Bend Cares, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of all donated art go to Big Bend Cares. However, cash prizes – $500, $300 and $100 – are awarded for the top three Best-in-Show pieces. Most artists donate their artwork because it makes them feel good to give back to the community, and it brings added exposure to their work.

Q: What type of art can I donate to Artopia?
A: Big Bend Cares accepts all forms of artwork and media. Past Artopia events have featured oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, pottery, photography, sculpture, glasswork, pen and ink, jewelry, woodwork, and mixed media – just to name a few!

Q: How many art pieces may I donate?
A: Up to three (3) pieces per artist are permitted. You will receive a complimentary Artopia ticket for each artwork donation.

Q: Is Artopia a juried art event?
A: Yes, this event will be juried. Before the event, a group of art professionals gather at the Big Bend Cares office to judge and select the pieces for the live auction component of the evening. The art jury also selects the top three Best-in-Show pieces, in which cash prizes are awarded ($500, $300, and $100). All Best-in-Show pieces are sold during the live auction.

Q. What is the People’s Choice Award?
A. When you check in at Artopia, you will be given a ticket to use to vote for your favorite piece of artwork. When you find your favorite piece, write the art number on the back of the ticket and drop it in the People’s Choice Award ballot container. When the voting time ends, the tickets are counted and the People’s Choice Award is announced and an award presented to the artist for the piece garnering the most votes.

Q: Why is it necessary that I provide a retail value for each piece on the Art Donation Solicitation Form?
A: By providing the usual retail selling price (fair market value) of each piece, the buyer may claim the amount paid in excess of the fair market value as a tax deduction. If no value is assigned prior to bidding, the buyer will not know how much of their donation counts as a tax-deductible contribution.

Q: What portion of my donation is tax deductible?
A: Please see your tax advisor or visit for details.

Q: Must a description and artist biography accompany each piece of art?
A: People bid higher when they know something about you and your work. Your art will be better appreciated if you provide a simple description of what you made, why you made it, and what it represents. Keeping your artist biographical information to three or four major accomplishments allows the bidder to remember highlights of your career while reading the Artopia catalog or bid sheet next to the art piece. It also helps the auctioneer in the live auction (if your work is chosen as a live-auction piece) to describe your accomplishments.

Q: What happens to my artwork once I deliver it to Big Bend Cares?
A: Each piece will be assigned a tracking number upon receipt, and must accompany each piece of artwork. Collected art will remain in locked offices at Big Bend Cares until the time of transfer to Donald L Tucker Civic Center.

Q: Can I obtain a complimentary ticket?
A: Yes. You get one free ticket for each art piece (up to three pieces); tickets will be provided when art is delivered to our offices.

If you still have any questions, please call Big Bend Cares at 850-656-AIDS (2437), or email

Corporate Sponsorship

By becoming a sponsor of Artopia, you can make a significant contribution to the fight against AIDS and play a central role in the success of one of the most anticipated and respected art events in Tallahassee. We will work closely with you and your organization to tailor a sponsorship package that creatively meets your specific goals.

If you still have any questions or would like to learn more about Artopia Sponsorships, contact Caitlin Steiner at or 850-656-2437 ext224.