Holiday Angels

Children do not have to be infected with HIV or have AIDS to be affected by the disease. Each year, some children of parents living with HIV/AIDS do not have a happy holiday season due to the financial burden that often goes with their family member’s struggle to survive.


Many difficulties compound the financial burdens of HIV/AIDS for clients of Big Bend Cares, such as:

  • 73 percent of Big Bend Cares’ clients live below the federal poverty guideline of $22,200 annually for a family of four.
  • Our challenging economy is making it even more difficult than ever for Big Bend Cares’ clients to afford basic necessities.

Bearing that in mind, please consider our invitation to become a Holiday Angel, and help to provide holiday gifts to children who just want to have a happy holiday season this year.

Last year, Big Bend Cares and the Holiday Angels provided gifts for 308 children. Please lend your support as an individual, family, office staff, church group, civic group, or a group of friends. Be a gift donor or a gift wrapper. Every little bit helps.

For more information, call Charlie Adams at 850-656-2437, ext 225, fax at (850) 942-6402, or e-mail

Please remember that all gifts to Big Bend Cares are deductible from your federal income taxes. Consult the Internal Revenue Service or your tax advisor for more information.