Meet an Artopian: Denise Boineau

artopia2015-bio-BoineauDenise.jpgWho has been your biggest, artistic influence?
So many artistic influences! In fashion – Calvin Klein and Anna Wintour. I love clean, stripped-down images. As for painters – Alice Neel and Luc Tuymans – their expressionistic nature with the human form.

What is you favorite album?
Favorite Album – Chicago – Greatest Hits. I’m a classic rocker.

Why give to Big Bend Cares?
I’m looking to share my work and it’s a great way to do that while giving back. I’ve lost a few friends in NYC to the disease and it’s an important cause.

Can you really have too much of a good thing?
Can you ever have too much of a good thing? I can’t imagine?! It’s never happened! Maybe too much ice cream in one sitting but other than that I say the more the merrier!

Tell us about what is happening in the arts community in Thomasville…
Thomasville Center for the Arts is really growing. They are so important to the community and looking for ways to connect the artists to the town in order to shape strengthen and revitalize the community. And it’s working! Everyone is excited by the energy a creative life provides.

To learn more about Denise and her work, visit her website at

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