Meet an Artopian: Alexandra Ifland

Artopian_AlexandraIflandWhen did you realize your love for creating art?
Creating art has just always been apart of me in some way, my dad is an artist and my mom is a dancer so the arts were always big in my house. But I’d have to say when I really realized my love for creating art it was on a field trip as a child to 621 Gallery and Railroad Square (back before their was much in there). I just remember loving a day dedicated to creating art and seeing sculpture, I fell in love. Funny thing in college I did my internship at 621 Gallery and fell in love all over again so that gallery and I clearly have a connection.

What influences your creativity?
The cliche push and pull of emotions from life but also people. I paint people I find influential, I also have a mentor of sorts, an old professor of mine that inspires me. We’re a lot alike so when we’re brainstorming is when I get a lot of my ideas and direction.

What is the best advice about art that you’ve received?
When I’m getting discouraged to go to bed and revisit what I’m working on in the morning. It works wonders.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
To be able to time travel.

Why do you donate to Artopia?
I donate because HIV/AIDS research has come so far in my lifetime and if my artwork can help continue to further that research or help people living with HIV/AIDS I will always be happy to donate to Artopia and Big Bend Cares.

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