Meet an Artopian: Brinda Pamulapati

artopian-PamulapatiBrindaartopian-PamulapatiBrinda_paintingWhat is the best advice you have received about art?
Art has no nationality, no religion, no race, no gender, but communicates universally.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration as an artist?
Who: Many, in particular, my mentor Prof. Jacob Pichhadze
What: My biggest inspiration is the reaction when someone sees the art work. I like to delight people with creativity and love the role of light and texture while creating the art work.

If you could meet one famous artist (alive or deceased), who would it be?
My mentor, Prof. Jacob Pichhadze, Toronto

What piece of your own artwork are you most proud of?
New Hope – Acrylic on Canvas – Diptych – 24×24 each

Why did you donate to Artopia?
I consider it a privilege to be able to encourage and support the efforts of people (organizations) who are working towards a good cause.

Venvi Gallery

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