Meet an Artopian: Dean Gioia

When did you first fall in love with creating art?

8th grade. Art class. Suddenly there was a voice for all the mystical feelings floating in me since early childhood. 

What can new artists do to help themselves start their own journey?

Listen to your own voice. Do what is important to you (and you know). Then push it out there. Show it. 

Dogs or cats?

Had many of both. Loved them all. Late in life… leaning dogs. 

If you could paint a book or album cover, what would it be?

I have done many covers For albums and books. Would like to do one for Pat Metheny. But. Probably won’t. Oh well. 

How has helping others impacted your life?

It reminds me to let go of my self absorption, an affliction that haunts many artist. 

Learn more about Dean’s work at his website: 

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