Meet an Artopian: donalee pond-Koenig

artopian-donalee-pond-Koenigdonalee pond-Koenig_002How would you describe your artistic style?
My artistic style is abstract – realism. I love detail, but also like fluidity of paint or graphite.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration as an artist?
Inspiration for my art comes from what is going on in my life, design, nature and our world.

What piece of your own artwork are you most proud of?
I have a very large drawing from a body of art called “Inner Space and Soul” entitled “Angel of Despair, let me be” It has to do with anorexia.

What is your current favorite musical artist?
My favorite musical artist is a hard one as I like all kinds of music. Adelle, Cher, Celine are all great so love music.

Why did you donate to Artopia?
Artopia is very special to me, as I was on the ground floor of its creation, met many wonderful people there. It raises money for such a great cause. As a cancer victim and survivor, I am aware of the needs to help people with various afflictions, HIV…I could go on. Artopia has helped make awareness in our community of understanding difference, medical needs and compassion. I won or was awarded in 2001 volunteer of the year award in the arts from Talla. It was for my work with Artopia. There is a special place in my heart for this wonderful event.

The Florida Flats piece is part of a series, and won first place in a Nat’l competition. The other is “Angel of Despair”.

donalee pond-Koenig_FloridaFlats

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