Meet an Artopian: Eric Sapronetti

Artopian Eric SapronettiWhy did you start painting?
Creative energy has always been with me as I can remember making drawings and paintings since I was a child. I continued working in artistic mediums throughout adulthood, but it was not until my kids were fully grown that I was able to really settle down and develop my painting style.

What do you love about painting nature?
Because I enjoy hiking, fishing, boating, and a variety of other outdoor pursuits, I am constantly surrounded by elements that stimulate my imagination. Painting is another way, I have found, of appreciating and interacting with the natural world.

If you could paint one album cover, what would it be and by which artist?
“Wherever you are” by Third Day… wonderfully spiritual songs on this album that speak to people right where they are.

What is your favorite color?
Teal (blue-green) – and you see a lot of it in my work!

Why have you supported Big Bend Cares?
Using art in support of a great cause is extremely validating for me as an artist. Since I see art as wonderfully therapeutic for myself, using it in support of helping in the healing process for others seems a natural extension.

Learn more about Eric’s work at his website.

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