Meet an Artopian: Kollet Probst

What would you say has been the biggest surprise in your journey with art?

The reception I’ve Received. It’s always a leap of faith for an artist to step out there and show where their mind and heart wander in their art. 

What artist, living or dead, would you love to have draw you?

Salvador Dali, the love he had, and showed for his wife, Gala was breathtaking.

If you could paint/draw one album cover, what would it be?

 Jim Croce’s You Dont Mess Around with Jim. I always thought his song Time in A bottle would be a great album cover done in a surreal ‘Dali’ type of way.

Do you have any advice for new or young artists?

Be fearless and don’t be so hard on yourself. As artist we can paralyze ourselves with our own critiques. Its important to remember that what you’re creating is for everyone and you are just the vehicle to deliver it. 

What is your favorite color and why? 

I honestly prefer black and white. My father was color blind and I never wanted him to feel left out when I was creating. If I must choose one; lime green, it’s full of energy and life just like me.

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