Meet an Artopian: Michèle Beaudin

Artopian Michele BeaudinHow would you describe your artistic style?
I do a lot of nature photography but enjoy superimposing a number of my original photos in a unique composition either dream-like, nostalgic or inspiring.

What advice would you give to young artists?
My advice to young artists, is don’t give in to trends or fads. Great talent comes from always being true to your own vision.

If you could see into your own future, what would you want to know?
I would want to know how many lives I have positively influenced along the way.

What is your current favorite musical artist?
And which child or grandchild do you prefer? This is a trick question, there are so many. Queen is definitely in the top 5, Michel Sardou, Sarah McLachlan, Edith Piaf, Josh Broden, Chopin and many others in all genres.

Why did you donate to Artopia?
This is a worthwhile organization to support and does a great job for the community in its realm of services.

Learn more about Michèle at her website,

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