Partners of Big Bend Cares

Supporting Our Community in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

No nonprofit organization could survive without the support of community partners. Big Bend Cares is fortunate to have partnerships and relationships with quality businesses from Tallahassee and beyond helping us to achieve our mission every day. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Our partners not only provide us with contracted goods and services and sponsorships, but they also believe in our mission, going above and beyond to support our agency in substantive ways that directly benefit our clients and the community.

Supporting these businesses is supporting Big Bend Cares. We hope you’ll consider rewarding them for their generosity in helping to create a better, healthier, and happier Big Bend.

Presenting Partner



Since 2004, Mail-Meds has used cutting-edge technology to empower patients with complicated drug regimens to improve their health. Delivering lifesaving drugs via the U.S. Mail isn’t just a convenience; for some, it’s a lifeline.

Mail-Meds not only serves a great many of Big Bend Cares’ clients, but it also supports our agency in ways that are meaningful to our clients and community. That’s why we’re proud to have Mail-Meds as a valued partner in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

If you need meds, why not get them at Mail-Meds and support this outstanding community partner?

Diamond Partner


AutoDataDirect, Inc

Buying a car is stressful enough. Before you buy, consult AutoDataDirect. They have all the vehicle history reports and support services you need to be confident in your car buying decision – all at a price that simply can’t be beat.

Big Bend Cares thanks AutoDataDirect for its generous support of Artopia 2015. With their help, we are on the road to a healthier community.

Get in touch with AutoDataDirect before you buy a new set of wheels, and while you’re at it, thank them for supporting our community though Big Bend Cares.


AIDS Healthcare Foundation

The international AIDS Healthcare Foundation, headquartered in Los Angeles, is dedicated to the proposition that all people deserve cutting-edge medicine and advocacy, regardless of their ability to pay. The Foundation’s work touches hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people in the United States and 35 countries worldwide.

Big Bend Cares is honored to count the AIDS Healthcare Foundation among its supporters, and thanks them for their support of everyone living with HIV/AIDS.

Platinum Partners



Based in Tallahassee, Florida, PSBI has provided General Contracting, Design-Build, Construction Management and Pre-Engineered Building services throughout the Southeast United States. Since 1974, PSBI has been defined by their commitment to exceeding each client’s expectations. Their mission, values and corporate culture are based upon this commitment to their clients.

PSBI’s corporate culture creates a collaborative work environment with each team member being an integral part of the success of each project. Big Bend Cares is proud to partner with the professionals at PSBI.


Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases impose substantial clinical and economic burdens on the United States. No one knows this better than the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease. They also know that over the next 15 years, adopting healthy behaviors, developing better treatments, and improving access to high-quality care for chronic disease will result in trillions of dollars saved in America’s healthcare system.

Big Bend Cares is proud to have earned the backing of this fine organization. A big thank you to the Partnership for recognizing Big Bend Cares as an organization worth supporting.


Southeastern Center for Infectious Diseases

Established in 2006, the Southeastern Center for Infections Diseases, with locations in Thomasville and Tallahassee, is the leader in treating adult infectious diseases. A longtime business partner of Big Bend Cares, the Center has provided compassionate care for our clients with HIV/AIDS, contributing to the health and well being of our community.

Big Bend Cares sincerely thanks the Southeastern Center for Infectious Diseases for their ongoing contribution toward our goal: a Big Bend region free of HIV/AIDS.

Gold Partners

Florida Blue

Florida Blue

Florida Blue is our state’s premier provider of health insurance services. With a reputation second to none, individuals and families rely on Florida Blue to ensure they have access to the very best healthcare available. Through the Florida Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida Sapphire Awards, they also demonstrate good corporate citizenship, supporting nonprofits statewide by rewarding superior healthcare programming.

Big Bend Cares is honored to have a partner like Florida Blue in our corner. On behalf of our clients and stakeholders, we extend our sincerest thanks for their ongoing support.


Centennial Bank

We are grateful to Centennial Bank for supporting Big Bend Cares. Our new partner is a customer-focused bank that provides a broad range of commercial and retail banking and related financial services to businesses, investors, individuals and municipalities.

Centennial Bank has a long history of taking care of the communities in which they operate. We are honored that they have chosen to take care of us this year!

Loli & the Bean

Loli & the Bean

Fabulous garments and style tips for our beloved Southern Misses. Yes, that is Loli & the Bean’s thing. But there’s more to L & B. They love and support the Florida Panhandle, and they live to share fashion and fun: Who could ask for more?

Big Bend Cares wants to dress L & B up in our love. Thank you for your kind support, and the support of our friends in the Big Bend who are living with HIV/AIDS.

Silver Partners

BKJ Inc. Architecture

BKJ Architecture is a premier commercial architecture firm in offering timely, value added, forward-thinking designs, solutions, and services. BKJ believes every client is an opportunity to build a unique partnership.

Big Bend Cares is thrilled to partner with BKJ! Architect Bonnie Johnson and her team are helping us grow, designing Big Bend Cares’ new facility to be located on South Monroe Street. Their design work not only will enhance South Tallahassee, but also will improve the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS in the Big Bend region.

When you need architectural services, please consider BKJ.

Bevis Funeral Home

Bevis Funeral Home

Since 1964, Bevis Funeral Home has been helping Tallahassee, Crawfordville, and Bristol families create meaningful and memorable tributes to their loved ones. Bevis Funeral Home is committed to providing caring, compassionate service to the families of our community.

Families know the professionals at Bevis Funeral Home are leaders in their profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Big Bend Cares is honored to partner with Bevis Funeral Home in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Clear Health Alliance

Clear Health Alliance

Big Bend Cares is honored to welcome Clear Health Alliance to our family of supporters. Clear Health Alliance assists people on Medicare living with HIV/AIDS. Members get care from a team of doctors and caregivers they can count on. The Clear Health Alliance team succeeds in connecting clients to services that help them the most.

Learn more about our valued partner and the excellent services they provide, at their website.


Bennett Chesser

We thank Bennett Chesser for his ongoing generous support of Big Bend Cares. It’s rare to find an individual who is so thoroughly committed to a cause and a nonprofit organization over such a long period of time. We’re glad that Bennett has been that for us.

As a pharmacist at Quincy’s Massey Drugs, Bennett has made a career of improving the health of area residents. He is enhancing his personal mission through his generosity to Big Bend Cares. Thank you, Bennett!

Full Press Apparel

Full Press Apparel

Since 1997, Full Press Apparel has been a premier supplier of high-quality custom screen-printing and embroidered apparel. Through a deep commitment to family and community, husband-and-wife team, Danny and Tracey, serve as an active supporter of area nonprofits. From custom T-shirts to promotional items to embroidery to design, Full Press Apparel is the place to go for imprint/identity materials.

The beautiful products Full Press Apparel provides go a long way toward HIV/AIDS education and prevention. Big Bend Cares is grateful to Full Press Apparel for ongoing support.

Bronze Partners



NAI/TALCOR is a full-service North Florida commercial real estate firm. Located in Tallahassee, NAI/TALCOR isn’t just a real estate company. It is a great corporate citizen that supports causes that make Tallahassee the best it can be.

NAI/TALCOR is a great partner in fostering a healthier community here in the Big Bend, and we thank them for their commitment and ongoing support.

When your business needs a new home, visit the company that helps make our home special.



Big Bend Cares wants everyone to be safe. So does Redwire. Redwire is a team of security professionals that provides electronic security for commercial, institutional, governmental and residential clients for more than 30 years.

We are proud to partner with an organization as dedicated to protection as we are. Big Bend Cares thanks Redwire for their support of our friends who are living with HIV/AIDS.


Hopping, Green & Sams

Hopping Green & Sams is an elite law firm serving the Southeastern United States for 35 years. With clients ranging from the statehouse to the White House, from county court to the US Supreme Court, to businesses small and large, Hopping Green & Sams is an award-winning law firm headquartered right here in Tallahassee.

They are committed to giving back, making the Big Bend region the best it can be for everyone. Big Bend Cares is proud to count Hopping Green & Sams among our community partners.

The counselors at Hopping Green & Sams care. Call upon them for your legal needs.


James Moore & Co.

For more than 50 years, James Moore & Co. CPAs and Consultants has provided accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services to businesses. They also have a well-known and distinguished record of civic engagement in support of a better Tallahassee.

Big Bend Cares is grateful to have the support of James Moore & Co., and we thank them sincerely for for their assistance in pursuing our mission to foster a healthier Big Bend region.


Thomson Brock Luger & Company

Thomson Brock Luger & Company Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors believes in the value of relationships. That philosophy obviously extends to its relationship with Tallahassee and the surrounding community.

Big Bend Cares is thrilled to have the assistance of Thomson Brock Luger & Company, and appreciates their caring for everyone who calls the Big Bend home through their support of Big Bend Cares.

Superior Painting

Superior Painting

When it comes to skill with a paint brush, Superior Painting has something in common with our Artopia artists. Nobody does a better job of painting Tallahassee than Superior Painting, and nobody cares more about or friends and neighbors here in North Florida.

Thank you, Superior Painting, for your support of this very worthy cause. We are honored to have you in our corner as we pursue our mission to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS in our community.

Exclusive AIDS Walk Event Partner


Green Party Events

Whether you’re planning a small party, a large corporate bash – or anything in between – let Green Party Events handle the details.

Giving back to the community is one of the core values of Green Party Events. They have a passion for sustainability. So before they toss anything into recycling or the compost bin, they’re thinking of another use and a new home for it. Their knowledge of and experience with event greenifying can help make your event big and keep your footprint small.

Big Bend Cares is thrilled to partner with Green Party Events for AIDS Walk 2015. Planning an event of your own? Visit their website, and learn more about how they can bring a green theme to your day!

Exclusive TV Partner


WTXL Television

For nearly 40 years, WTXL Channel 27 has been a Tallahassee institution, leading the way in local broadcasting for everyone in the viewing area. In 2007, WTXL became the first television station in the Thomasville-Tallahassee market produce local news in high definition. It’s no wonder they see things so clearly.

Big Bend Cares is honored to have WTXL as its exclusive media partner for Artopia again this year. We thank them for their support of the Big Bend community through their support of Big Bend Cares.

In-Kind Partners


Copyfax 2000

Copyfax 2000 is the area’s best provider of office automation technology since 1999, featuring top-of-the-line Konica Minolta equipment. They are the only company in Tallahassee with factory-trained technicians providing service and support to Tallahassee’s business community.

Copyfax 2000 also has been a longtime supporter of Big Bend Cares and Artopia. We couldn’t be more appreciative of their commitment in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

If you’re tired of machines that don’t work and waiting too long for service, maybe it’s time to check out Copyfax 2000.


The Junction at Monroe (J@M)

With a 30-foot stage and an intimate setting, listening is what J@M is all about. As Tallahassee’s only “Listening Room,” J@M also hears the needs right here in the community that supports them. Owners Russ and Josie have often given to local charities and actively volunteered for great causes. J@M is graciously providing sound services for Artopia 2016.

Big Bend Cares thanks J@M for their assistance and generous support, and is honored to be among the charities to which they have chosen to contribute.

Tallahassee Democrat

Tallahassee Democrat

The Tallahassee Democrat is an institution in Florida’s Capital City. When they say they have the Big Bend Region Covered, they don’t just mean through their reporting. They also have our nonprofit organizations covered. Big Bend Cares is grateful to have, once again, the sponsorship of our capital newspaper. Thank you for joining the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Know what’s happening right here at home. Read The Democrat.


Manor Auctions

Manor Auctions is an area leader in the field of appraising and auctioning fine art, collectibles, jewelry, timepieces and more. Manor Auctions also travels nationally for quality, large estate liquidations.

Since 2007, Manor Auctions Owner Malcolm Mason has been providing pro bono live auction services to Artopia, fetching high prices for its best-in-show art. Big Bend Cares loves Malcolm and his crew for providing fun, profitable auctions that assist us in the fulfillment of our vital mission.

Let Manor Auctions be your go-to auction house when you have something to sell.

Friends in Art


LeMoyne Center for Visual Arts

Located in downtown Tallahassee, LeMoyne Center for Visual Arts’ beautiful gallery hosts the finest in local, regional, and national fine art exhibitions. Housed in an 1854 Antebellum home, you can feel the history the moment you walk through its doors. LeMoyne offers educational programs in addition to exhibits to ensure the arts remain alive and well in Tallahassee.

Big Bend Cares grateful to count LeMoyne among its community partners and we extend our sincerest thanks for the support of this Tallahassee institution.

Visit LeMoyne Center for Visual Arts for the cultural experience of a lifetime.

Venvi Art Gallery

Venvi Art Gallery

Big Bend Cares is pleased to welcome Venvi Art Gallery as a new partner. The gallery showcases local talent and presents the works of up-and-comers and masters alike. Better yet, they have made service to our community an art. We welcome them to our team of partners that have joined the battle against HIV/AIDS.

Thank you, Venvi Art gallery, for helping Big Bend Cares pursue its mission of a more healthy and happy Big Bend Region.


Council on Culture & Arts (COCA)

No other organization has done more to promote the arts in Tallahassee than COCA. Its membership includes non-profit and commercial galleries, museums, theatres, music groups, dance companies, festivals, film/video companies, historic sites, educational organizations, individual artists, and more.

COCA’s goal? To support art and cultural events in Florida’s Capital City. Big Bend Cares thanks COCA for supporting our community through their support of Big Bend Cares. We couldn’t be more pleased to have them as a community partner.

COCA’s website is the first stop to find out what to do in Tallahassee. You’ll be surprised at the range and number of choices you have.

Blossoms Tallahassee


Blossoms Flowers, Tallahassee’s Premier Florist is centrally located in midtown Tallahassee at the corner of N. Monroe and E. Georgia St. They offer an exciting array of fresh flowers, unique gifts, custom silk arrangements, and gourmet baskets.

Locally owned and operated by Jesica Parker, AIFD and Lisa Metcalf, Blossoms is the proud recipient of 6 Tally Awards and has been voted “Best Florist” of Tallahassee for 15 years in a row.

Blossoms can make any occasion special!


Utrecht Art Supplies

Utrecht Art Supplies is a Tallahassee institution, and their community involvement is second to none. Over the years, they have generously supported the Big Bend Cares Artopia art auction, and this year is no different.

Big Bend Cares is grateful for Utrecht’s steadfast support. Year after year, they come through for every resident of the Big Bend. It’s corporate citizens like Utrecht that help to make Tallahassee such a wonderful place to live … and to create!

Visit Utrecht for top quality art supplies, or visit the website for their Tallahassee store at:


Blick Art Materials

Since 1911, Blick Art Materials has been a leading national supplier of art supplies. Blick has been a long-time supporter and advocate for the arts, and continues to be involved in many national and local initiatives to support art and communities. Lucky for our many great local artists, we have a Blick store right here in Tallahassee.

Big Bend Cares is thrilled our “Friends in Art” have generously decided to partner with us this year pump up our prize pool for best-in-show artists. Clearly, they love Tallahassee’s vibrant art community as much as we do!

Visit Blick to see the wide variety of art materials they keep in stock, or visit their website at:


Frame Shoppe

For 30 years, The Frame Shoppe has provided custom framing for university diplomas and your treasured art. With locations at Governor’s Square Mall and Midtown (next to Whole Foods), The Frame Shoppe is the only business of its kind that provides quality custom mat cutting while you wait. Whatever you need framed, go see Hub Chason at The Frame Shoppe. You won’t be disappointed.

The Frame Shoppe is offering a 25% discount on framing for artists participating in Artopia (learn more). The Frame Shoppe is a generous friend to Tallahassee for life, and Big Bend Cares is grateful for their help in making Artopia the best charity art auction in the area.

Make The Frame Shoppe your first stop when you need quality custom framing.